Did She or Didn’t She Kill – Book Review

Last year I read Susan Crawford’s novel, The Other Widow, so I stole a few days to read her debut book, The Pocket Wife. If you like psychological suspense novels, you will want to try this author.

Pocket Wife CoverCould Dana Catrell have committed murder? When her neighbor and good friend Celia is killed, Dana believes she will be arrested for the crime. The only problem is she can’t remember committing the crime. Her husband, Peter; Detective Jack Moss; and Celia’s husband have all indicated as such. The evidence strongly supports their suspicions but is inconclusive. It will take a lot of repeat visits, interviews, and lunches for Detective Moss to unravel the real story.

Susan Crawford has written a tale of woven misconception. Her attention to detail in creating appealing characters; some with a curiosity that point to confusion, denial and possibly guilt, meant I could not put this novel down. If you enjoy suspenseful mysteries, I hope you will give this author a try.

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