Quilters by the Sea Guild – Quilts

There are numerous quilter guilds around the world. I am fortunate to belong to one that has over 200 members and multiple bees. To attend the play dates (learn how to create something) and meetings and experience all the creativity these women share is very inspirational. Our members have made 280 neonatal quilts this past year for the preemie babies and receive numerous awards and kudos for all their work. I’ll share some more of their work in a later post.

I wanted to take a few minutes to share some of their finished products with you. The Red and White Flying Geese with applique border (above) is an exquisite work of talent. Our members have been working all year to sell raffle tickets and the winner will be announced in a few weeks. I hope I win!

Below you will find some more items that were presented at our latest meeting. I’m so proud to be able to bring you just a few of the latest items; pillows, bag, and wall hanging. Beautiful!

bowlpillowbagchristmas hangingpillows.jpg

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