Brunswick Quilters – Quilts

Many quilting guilds host members of multiple guilds. For instance my quilt guild also has members from the Brunswick Quilters. I’m pretty sure most, if not all, guilds hold an annual quilt raffle. The Jewel Box quilt above is the quilt for 2017. I am envious I did not buy a ticket!

Look at all the vibrant colors, perfect points and the beautiful professional quilting on this lovely quilt. I believe it is a queen size. I just want to shout out to this group of quilting ladies as they are active in their guild as well as ours. They are a loyal and dedicated group of women. They spend many hours taking raffle quilts to different events and locations during the year and you can’t beat the ticket price $5. Check out your local quilters guild even if you just want a chance to win a beautiful piece of art.

Below I have posted a picture of this guild’s visit to a VA hospital presenting veterans with their latest wheelchair quilts. Just one of many Community Outreach Projects this guild undertakes each year

VA quilts

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