The Perils of a New Scent – Holidays

Face it. We are not only inundated with thousands of images on our smart phone, iPad, Kindle, Notebook, computer, laptop, and even while driving as we search our navigation system. But what about the sense of smell? Do you ever feel the need to escape the work environment for the fresh air with no smells? Well maybe just a little wild flower buzz.

Think of all the smells you encounter in a day and this depends where you work; oil, gasoline, hair dye, food (fish – yuck), trash, freshly mowed lawn, manure, printing ink, the gym – BO, paint, a Pine Christmas Tree; and the list can go on and on. But what about the scent of a good cologne?

For over thirty years I used Estee Lauder Fragrance Spray Cologne, and then a few years ago they discontinued it. I was devastated. My Bible Study friends knew me by this cologne. For years I was stopped in grocery and department stores by men and women, young and old inquiring about my perfume. Many of you share stories of your grandmothers who were given a bottle of ‘something special’ every Christmas and you still remember that scent today. bottle

So when I was told they discontinued my coveted Estee Lauder Fragrance Spray Cologne, my husband set out to right the matter. He took me to several fragrance stores on a mission to replenish my supply. We didn’t have much luck and over the past few years I find myself searching for the perfect scent that says ‘me’. It was easy to siphon out the scents I did not want – musk and large overwhelming whiffs or spices. I prefer a light clean flower bouquet perfume.

This year I have narrowed the field some. With aid of a young clerk at a local perfume counter, we spent some time comparing my favorite fragrance with some others. This was fascinating to me, she introduced to a book of fragrances that includes the basic distinctive characters of sister fragrances. We came up with several ones I liked, but I finally choose:

Drum Roll please ************************** Philosophy’s Amazing Grace

I ordered a small bottle of the spray, and have tried it on several occasions. I’m not disappointed, but it’s still just not ‘me’. But, and there is a Huge But – I love the way it smells when I spray it in my shower. Clean, fresh and light. So don’t throw away that unused bottle of scent, just rethink how to use it elsewhere.

I’ve continued searching for my ‘me’ essence, and recently discovered they have reissued my coveted Estee in a different package. However, my news of searching have not gone to waste, as I’ve learned so much about how to locate new fragrances. This time I’ll make sure I have backup just in case my signature scent should disappear again. For those of you looking for something special this season for a loved one, inquire about that little book of fragrances at your local perfume counter,  and see what aura you come up with.

Happy Whiff Hunting!

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