Sofa Rejuvenation Before Entertaining – Holidays

We purchased our sofa some years ago. This sofa, and a big easy chair get used every night as we settle in to watch something on television. Now when you utilize furniture over the years it does begin to show wear. By wear I mean the cushions become like marshmallows when you sit on them. In fact, most nights I felt like I was sinking into my sofa.
So I decided I would go to the fabric store in town that cuts foam. I took one of my cushions, which was a mistake, because I found myself comparing it to so many new beautiful fabrics, colors and patterns. It was a wonderful but overwhelming feeling. It took a minute to re-focus and return to my mission.
The sales clerk immediately knew my needs and set about cutting three Brand Spanking New pieces of foam. Now foam is not cheap so be prepared to spend about $100 for a medium size sofa. (Notice I have not mentioned the chair yet).
I managed to get the bulky items into my tiny car while my two adopted pups looked on and sniffed this weird item Mom was loading behind their seat. I should say, my two adorable canines are no longer pups, but Teens now; that has not stopped their curiosity in the least.
Back home the real work began. Fortunately the sales clerk provided a few pointers on how to peel the cover off the old foam and then using the same technique recover the new foam. It actually works pretty well, but the process is much like being in the ring at the WWE. There were a few more steps involved in my sofa rejuvenation endeavor. The old foam had a shallow outer layer that I had to remove and reapply with the help of Quilt Basting Spray. This helped to hold it all in place while stuffing it back in the cover.
By the third cushion I had the knack for peeling and reapplying down to a science. I tell I would not want to do this for a living. I timed myself – about 20 minutes per cushion. Before I tackled my third pillow I took a lunch break.
So now I have a very solid-non-sinking-sofa. It is almost hard at this point, but after a week of TV binging by my husband, it’s beginning to soften up a bit. I try to rotate my cushions weekly (I’m no June Cleaver), to prolong the need to rejuvenated again for many years. However, this morning as I was cleaning and rotating I realized the pillows needed some refreshing too. So off came those covers and into some Woolite for hand washing.
My couch looks new again and I’m happy. I’ll wait until it softens a bit more before I do the chair. Merry Christmas Savings!

christmas wreath


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