All Aboard! Tiny Trains – Holidays

We took our annual pilgrimage to the Holiday Train Expo. This event, held each year, by the local model railroad association is always a delight. It is safe to say the event is part toy exhibit, art exhibit, and holiday event. Trains of all kinds can be seen in operation as well as vintage units that line the shelves on display.

Some of the model railroad craftsmen’s have created amazing micro dioramas of such detail that you can’t believe your eyes. While others have shaped huge mountain ranges in three stages from the chicken wire look to complete rock. Allowing visitors to see the process of crafting these small scale of slices of a America’s railing terrains.

Finally, there are holiday villages and trains. There are even running trains built right inside a Christmas tree.  The big display for the children in attendance is the Polar Express train and village. This creation of buildings, elves, deer, and a blanket of snow captures and mesmerize them where they stand.

One of our favorites is the line of early animated train accessories. Many of them are the from 1950s:  flying Santa, a Santa that steps out of house, kids at tug of war, and a car pulling into a filling station. Each one comes to life with the push of a button. It’s reminiscent of the old animated displays that once decorated department store windows.  We hope that somewhere in your town model railroaders have setup a display. They are great toys that have a look and feel like nothing else during the holiday season. All Aboard!!!

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