Get it In the Mail – Holidays

sToday, Saturday, December 20, 2017 is the last day you can post Christmas cards if you want to make sure they arrive before December 25th. Saturday, December 20, is also the last day you can send packages using USPS Priority Mail to guarantee your packages arrive and will be under the tree when the kids wake up on Christmas morning.

stock-graphics-vintage-santa-christmas-post-cards-4-21In the past we’ve sent out about 100 Christmas Cards. Not this year! A big change coming our way in 2018 has forced us to curtail that tradition. It will be interesting to see how many people on our yearly list notice that they got no card from us, or even if they cared.

We once told our friends near and far that if they didn’t get a Christmas Card from us each year it meant that one or both of us was dead. Morbid, kind of, but since we were terrible letter writers the annual card was a solid correspondence to remain connected with everyone. Christmas-card-vintage-mother-and-children-shopping4Plus, by including a “What Happened to Us this Year” letter in each card our friends knew the things we’d been up to without the need of individual letters. Lazy! Yes!

There are many blog sites out there on letter writing, which include cards, postcards,vintage-christmas-cards thank you notes, etc. We attended a WordPress Camp (our first) this year, and met Helen Rittersporn whose site Anchored Scraps is dedicated to the art of writing letters and using the postal service for all correspondence. She has several holiday themed blogs of interest Vintage Christmas Postcards book, 1977 Rural Mailbox Christmas stamp, and National Railroad Museum Holiday Card Center are three posts connected with the season and Christmas Cards. Our favorite was the Railroad Card blog since for years we purchased many of our cards from that collection. (Check out our Model Railroad Train post for more train fun.)

santa_flying_christmas_card-1While it has gotten more expensive to buy and send nice holiday cards; the feelings they generate can’t be duplicated in any other fashion. They are a wonderful gift in the mail. One that can be enjoyed on the fireplace mantle, on the icebox, on a special table in the living, or you can create a method of display from hundreds of suggestions on Pinterest.

If the FCC gets its way, and Net Neutrality comes to an end, sending a Christmas Card via the United States Postal Service could suddenly be cheaper than an electronic card over the internet.

Happy Holidays!




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