Keyboarding Christmas – Holidays

We are sure like many bloggers, having a good keyboard makes typing so much nicer. We both grew upsmith_jobproved in the era of the manual typewriter, and learned the craft in an elective high school class. Typing, and the skill required to do it had always fascinated us both. Typing like piano playing, was a real marketable skill back in the day.  Both of us at one time or another would use our talent to type fast and effectively in numerous jobs, or to make extra cash.

type classTyping teachers in the olden days were task masters. More than learning where to place your hands or location of the keys, it was also paramount how you sat in your chair and held your shoulders. Looking back it seems kind of comical. Today everyone is either slouched in a chair, walking, (driving – dangerous), or tucked away in a coffee shop typing on phones, tablets, and laptops. In the office, most people still sit at desks, but standing desks and even treadmill desks have been showcased on the news.

There is little doubt that it is lost on today’s generation how much forte it took to type on a manual machine. It took strong, firm hands and fingers, in fact, at times your whole body to sit and type at those old Smith Coronas, Royals, Remingtons, and Underwoods. smith coronaThe invention of the electric typewriter made life much better, as did the ability to fix mistakes with White-Out, Erasable Bond paper, and the wonderful automatic correction ribbon. Still, before computers, typing was an office skill that required a talent not everyone could master.

Today as a blogging team we’ve adapted to the new technology. One of us is exceptional with tapping out information on the phone and tablet, while the other is better with the laptop and desktop requirements.  However, old habits are hard to break. When either of us prepares a post we assume the position at the desk and type the way we were taught. Which brings us to our gift to ourselves this holiday season – a new keyboard.

Age was starting to have an impact on our ability to keep those elbows up when we typed. Our old keyboard was traditional with no resting place for the wrists. Resting the wrists on anything in high school typing class would have brought a slap to the knuckles. (It was Verboten!) Times have changed and ergonomics and carpel tunnel syndrome are both part of our 21st century vocabulary. We wanted a new keyboard.

k740-refresh-gallery-imageThere are lots of choices, but finding one is like searching for a new pair of shoes or pants; you want to try them out. See how they feel. Our adventure took us all around town to all the haunts that sell computer keyboards. We finally settled on a Logitech keyboard with a comfortable wrist rest. This keyboard also features illuminated keys, which is just wonderful for knocking out some text when you wake up in the middle of the night, but don’t what to light-up the house.

We are not sure we’ll ever be able to break ourselves of the habits learned so many years ago. Not that we really want to. Those teachers had only 9 weeks to instill in us a skill that continues to serve us well today. Their names are forgotten to us, but as we type this blog with our wrists resting softly on our new ergonomic keyboard, our knuckles instinctively sting a little.

Happy Keyboading this Holiday Season!

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