Pillow Challenge – Quilts

Quilters By The Sea had some awesome Show and Tell this month. Twenty-five neonatal quilts were created in just one month. Last year there were over 700 babies in the neonatal unit at New Hanover Regional Hospital and we were only able to make 290. The need is so great.



The Pillow Challenge was a success with 13 entries. You’ll enjoy these creations from the Tooth Fairy Pillow to the North Carolina Our State Magazine inspired extra-large pillow case. They all took first place in my book. How do you rate them?



What do you think of this Hot Iron Cover? Our quilters have you covered as they learn to make these. You’ll never have to wait for the iron to cool off again to pack it.



And one last piece of information if you are interested. The Carolina Pine Needle Quilters Guild will have their annual Day of Sharing on April 21 at the Centerview Baptist Fellowship Hall at 1165 Piney Green Road in Jacksonville. Steve Wright will be available to appraise your quilts. Tickets are $6 and that includes lunch.

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