St. Valentine’s Day Massacre – Bloggers Return

For our followers and occasional visitors, we have returned to our blog. A Microsoft Update for Windows 10 on February 14th, more than a month ago, was the cause of our posting lapse. Although never fully explained, that update once unpacked, sent a command to the motherboard telling it not to power any USB ports. The computer started up fine and loaded our desktop just as it always did, but once we appeared operational, the keyboard and mouse failed to function.

My husband, who believes he is a computer technician, changed batteries inpcdar everything whether they need replacing or not. Next, he dug through the closet pulling out a spare keyboard and mouse, but they didn’t work either.  Believing the answer to every problem in the world can be found on the internet he launched into a search for a solution on his iPad. Hours and days of Googling did identify the problem as the MS update on Valentine’s Day. Ways for the Average Joe to fix the issue were much harder to find.

It is amazing how little you can do with your computer if the keyboard and mouse do not work. He could access the Computer Bios Settings, which allowed all USB devices to work, but he could not find the directions that gave him access to fix the update. After two weeks, and nights of frustration, I convinced him it was time to take the computer to a repair shop.

As soon as the problem was explained; “the experts” knew what the issue was and how to fix it. Ours it appears was not the only computer disabled by this update. It took a week to get the system back, and once we got it up and running, we started a massive backup campaign of every single file.

Now we feel comfortable at least getting back to work @Lovely Thing NC with our regular doses of book reviews, quilting stories, and adventure suggestions for those traveling through North Carolina.

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