Stand Up Paddle Board Racing – Travel

Outlining the Elte Course for Paddlers
Nathan Champion and Daniel Ancheta – local race directors – outline the Elite Course for Paddlers.

On a beautiful Saturday morning in Cornelius, N.C. I enjoyed my first Paddle Board Race. Sponsored by My Aloha Paddle & Surf, Inc. in partnership with Charlotte Cycleboats, and the Southern Stoke Series, it was the 7th Annual Stand Up Paddle Board Race.

Elite Paddlers stand ready for their race!
Elite Paddlers stand ready for their race!

The event provided a chance for 60 Elite Competitors in the fast growing Paddle Board Races to check their medal on the water, and it also was a wonderful event for around 60 recreational Paddle Boarders to also race. Topping it all off was that the event was a fundraiser to benefit six local charities and one International foundation.

Recreational Paddlers Start
Recreational Paddlers get the signal to go!

For me it was a short drive down Interstate 77 to the Port City Club in Cornelius, NC. Although a little overcast, the air temp was perfect, although I can imagine the lake water still held much of its winter chill. (I only saw one person take a plunge.) The Elite race followed a 6.2 Mile course, and with the sound of the air horn the racers were quickly out of sight. The Recreational Stand Up Paddlers had a 2+mile race and you could keep your eye on them the entire time. The event showcased lots of different open class paddle crafts: kayaks, Surfskis, OCs, etc.

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My daughter is a recreational Stand Up and Paddler. She allowed me to use her board once. Its hard! I admire these athletes young and old who participate for fun and exercise, and compete in this truly unique sport.

If you would like to go and watch a Stand Up and Paddle Race there are a few scheduled in North Carolina in the months and weeks ahead.

5/12 – Battle of the Broad, Asheville, NC

5/19 – Crystal Kai SUP Cup, Beaufort, NC

5/26 – Downriver Dash – Stand Up Paddle Board Race, Arden, NC

6/2  – Paddle Palooza 2018, Avon, NC

6/16 – Catawba River Race, Charlotte, NC

6/23  – OBX SUP Race, Nags Head, NC      

8/4 – Paddle Grapple, Bryson City, NC     

If you don’t live in the Carolina’s then this website – Stand and Paddle Races – list events state by state.

For a global look at SUP events check out the World Paddle Association or SUP Connect websites.

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