North Carolina Ramblings – July 3, 2018

Welcome to our Ramblings feature as we help you explore Lovely Things NC.

Since this is Independence Week, how could we even begin to suggest one place over another for fireworks, music, wine, parades, etc….sooo instead, we feature North Carolina and the American Revolution…


In early 1776, British authorities planned to exploit the allegiances of thousands of Scottish settlers, enlisting them in Tory regiments and sending them marching towards Wilmington.  On February 27, 1776, Patriot troops intercepted and destroyed the Loyalist force at Moore’s Creek Bridge.

From January to March 1781, British General Cornwallis’s army pursued American Forces in what became known as the “Race to the Dan.”  The campaign culminated in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, the largest engagement fought in North Carolina during the war.


North Carolina in the American Revolution  

Published in 1959, by Hugh F. Rankin

Describes events in North Carolina leading up to the Revolution, problems in the new state, and fighting that occurred within its borders. Separate chapters are devoted to the Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge and the Battle of Guilford Courthouse.

The American Revolution in North Carolina (An Exhaustive Reference of the Piedmont)

Published in 2013, by Stewart E. Dunaway & Jeffery G. Bright

This book documents a part of the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution immediately after the Race to the Dan and leading up to the Battle at Guilford Courthouse.

Roster of Soldiers from NORTH CAROLINA in the American

Published in 2017, by NC Daughters of the American Revolution

This book contains the names of approximately 36,000 soldiers. Service records include as rank, company, date of enlistment or commission, period of service, combat experience, and whether captured, wounded, or killed. This is a complete roster of soldiers named in both published and unpublished sources.


Madeira Is the Oldest Wine in the World That’s Worth Drinking

Famously, George Washington celebrated his inauguration as the president of the United States with Madeira, and for years following, Americans toasted their independence with a swig of the boozy wine. (Town & Country) Check out the Funky Cold Madeira recipe created by Bob Peters of The Punch Room in Charlotte, NC featured at the end of the above article.

Chapel Hill Wine Company

Broadbent – non-vintage Madeira Rainwater Medium Dry is aged for three years in oak casks. It has a light, toffee-scented bouquet with hints of creme brulee. There are subtle notes of marzipan, raisin and fresh fig that are well-defined and become voluminous with aeration.


The Mountain Heritage Center

Is a regional museum located on the campus of Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC.  The center interprets current studies of Appalachia for the public. The Center’s programs highlight traditional music and craft along with the culture and natural history of Appalachia. If you cannot visit in person then check out their collection here: The Quilting Index

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