Chihuly at Biltmore — Photos by Ravi

American artist Dale Chihuly shattered established boundaries of glass as an art medium creating masterpieces of marvelous color, form, and light. Chihuly at Biltmore represents the first art exhibition in Biltmore’s historic gardens and the first garden exhibition of Chihuly’s works in North Carolina. The exhibition is currently going on at Biltmore Estate and Gardens […]

via Chihuly at Biltmore — Photos by Ravi

Dale Chihuly‘s work is amazing. It has been 20+ years ago or more that I had the pleasure of meeting and videotaping an interview with him at UNCW (University of North Carolina at Wilmington). He was a visiting artist and many of his traveling works were on display during his short stay. The size and form of these glass sculptures are truly beyond belief, and I encourage everyone before visiting Biltmore, to check out Dale Chihuly: Playing with Fire to see how he creates these masterpieces.  Also, Ravi will be posting additional photos from his day and night visit to the estate. Enjoy.

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