Sunny Days Show & Tell – Quilts

Sunny Days Show & Tell

I recently joined the Salisbury-Rowan Quilters Guild. The guild is divided into two chapters. The daytime gathering is called Sunny Days, and the evening get together is Starry Nights. My first meeting on the sunny side featured the presentation of some wonderful quilts, embroidery, and applique items. The vast array of colors, and patterns at this show and tell really got me fired up to start on my next quilt.  The sunny side meeting also featured a trunk show. For those, new to quilting, a Trunk Show is a great way to introduce quilters to new ideas, styles, products and more. Most Trunk Shows are presented by seasoned quilters and sometimes companies who arrive with a suitcase or even a traditional old fashion truck filled with finished quilts of all sizes. Sometimes trunk shows have themes that can showcase some exciting quilts. As you watch the slideshow below be sure to pause from time to time to check out some of the detail featured in a number of these quilts. Enjoy!

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