North Carolina Ramblings – Sept. 18, 2018

This week we are once again NOT publishing an edition of Ramblings. Although many parts of North Carolina are quickly getting back to normal after Hurricane Florence, others will be struggling for weeks. Although our move to the western part of the state spared us from Florence’s might, we know too well how hard it is to recover from such a massive weather event. We have so many friends horribly impacted by the hurricane it is difficult for us to cheerfully dispense travel tips.

If you plan to be in North Carolina this week we encourage you to download the states:  ReadyNC app. It can help you travel safely with real-time information on Local weather, Road conditions, Power outages, River and stream flooding and more.

The website Visit NC has set up a Florence Recovery page with lists of Cancellations and closings, event rescheduling, and more.

The North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources has also created an Adverse Weather Closings site.

We hope to be back next week as we ourselves hit the road for a little Rambling around the Tarheel state.


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