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Pairing Seafood & Wine – Wine

Recently made a stop at one of our favorite Virginia Wineries – Davis Valley Winery. In fact, we have written about this wonderful spot before – Davis Valley Blog.

Our recent visit included a couple of purchases, of their Chambourcin, a sweet red with citrus and berry fruit aromas. Not to sweet and not to dry it is our favorite. Also during our visit we slipped over to the Davis Valley Distillery and picked up a bottle of their Maple Whiskey. Made we are told with a splash of pure Virginia mountain maple syrup. While the couple riding with us purchased a few jars of their 90-proof Original Recipe Appalachian Moon moonshine.

During the checkout for the wine, we spotted this chart on the counter. As you can see it was created in Missouri, but the information it shares we believe is universally helpful.

Pairing Seafood & Wine Chart

If you would like a copy of the chart yourself, then visit Missouri Wine Inspirations.

In addition to this seafood pairings infographic you’ll find a host of other graphics including Cookies & Wine. Who can pass that one up? All are free to download.

Missouri Infographic Samples



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